Right Now Mineral

Grass changes with the season.
Shouldn’t your mineral?
Right Now® Mineral
This program means improved weaning rates, heavier calves, and reduced feed costs. Each color-coded product is a special formula, because beef cow nutrition is not a black-and-white issue. The four formulas meet the everchanging health and breeding requirements of specific herds. We even balance our macro and trace minerals by region to supplement available forage at different times of the year. And with our color-coding, a quick glance in your mineral feeder tells you if you’re feeding the right formula. Ask your Cargill® Animal Nutrition consultant how Right Now® Mineral can help. You’ll get answers that go far beyond black and white.
Currently in Southern Iowa it is “Bronze” season.

High nutrient density to supplement mature, dormant pastures
Levels of phosphorus, copper, and most other minerals decrease in forage as it matures.
Forage intake parallels this decline. The high nutrient density of the Bronze formula
provides the [ ]

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Chemical Rebate Programs for Branded and Post Patent Chemicals

Check out our President and CEO, Joe Sinclair, talking about the latest in chemical rebate programs with our friends over at Merschman Seeds.

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Enlist E3

By now most everyone has heard the hype about the Enlist E3 soybeans. Well it is now moving from hype to results. The first yields for the E3 beans are coming in and they are impressive. Even with all the weather challenges of 2019, the E3s are yielding. We have a good supply of seed available now but the popular genetics will sell out quickly. Give us a call or stop in to see what varieties will fit into your program. Take a look at this video from our partners at Merschman Seeds to see the results for yourself. Joe

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NutreBeef Transition Feed

Whenever calves are subjected to stress, such as during weaning or being transported, the primary goal is to keep them healthy. Transition formula is very palatable and is designed to get cattle eating, bolstering the immune system and aiding digestive health.
Very palatable to encourage consumption
High fiber content to support digestive health
Helps bolster the immune system.

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We have been hit with sub zero temps, knee deep mud and snow piled head high in the past few weeks.  We like to grumble about it but it is the livestock that is really suffering.  Momma cows with newborn calves or those getting ready to calve are battling some tough conditions.  Your cows are your Factory.  If the production line is breaking down, you don’t produce your product and you don’t have inventory to sell.  Your have to keep the Factory running.  This is a critical time for your cows nutritional needs.   Poor nutrition now leads to loss of body condition, calving difficulty, weak calves, and slow breed back.
Hay is in short supply and everyone is scrambling to stretch their forages as far as they can.  Much of the hay is lower in quality and we need to supplement this forage to meet the cows needs.  Supplementing vitamins [ ]

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Think Spring!

Only 50 days till Spring!  For everyone shoveling out or dealing with frigid temperatures, the countdown to the first day of Spring means relief is in sight. It also means that you should start thinking about crop insurance.  March 15th (sales closing) will be here before we know it!  This is the deadline to update and make any changes to your insurance program.
FSA offices have reopened.  The offices will be operating under normal business hours through February 8th and then we will have to see if they get a permanent agreement to prevent another government shutdown.. This is very important for farmers that haven’t reported their production for the market facilitation program (MFP). Originally the MFP had a January 15th deadline but has been extended until February 14th.  If you haven’t reported your production to the FSA office yet it would be a good idea to get that done soon.
New [ ]

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Approval of Enlist E3 soybeans

Hey everyone!
FINALLY! China approves the Enlist E3 soybeans! This is fantastic news for farmers everywhere! Enlist E3 soybeans are soybeans that have a triple-stacked tolerance to 3 different herbicides. These herbicides are, 2, 4-D choline, glyphosate (Round-Up), and glufosinate (Liberty). It adds another weapon we can use to help fight the war on weeds. Which, as we all know, is a never-ending battle.
Right now, there are a few different herbicides that are approved to use on Enlist E3 soybeans. There’s Enlist Duo, which is a tank mix of 2,4D choline and glyphosate. There’s also Enlist One, which is just a straight formula of the 2,4-D choline. Both can be tank mixed, but they must be mixed with approved herbicides. That list can be found on
If you’re interested in planting Enlist E3 beans, we here at Quality Ag Service can get you started! We have some Enlist E3 soybeans available [ ]

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Welcome to our blog page. It’s our New Year’s resolution to use this page to bring you timely information from our industry with a little bit of fun commentary thrown in. Our first entry is from one of our Sales Agronomists, Brogan Bulecheck. Stay tuned for new entries each week. Kris Knowles

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