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Joe Sinclair on America’s Newsroom 03/17

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Logistics Whipsaw

The Logistics Whipsaw for US Agriculture
US ag is getting a logistical whipsaw from international shipping companies due to the Wuhan China Coronavirus pandemic.   Ports are experiencing unprecedented shipping delays due to a shortage of dock workers who are out due to either illness from the virus, or being quarantined from getting exposure to an infected person.  Here is a link to a video that the U.S. Coast Guard made of the ships that are waiting to unload off one California port.:×576-1769k-6025cee060084-1.mp4  As you can see, there are thousands of containers that are backed up on the dock as well as dozens of ships at sea waiting to unload.  The US ag chemical industry relies on many products which are produced in Asian countries, and many of those delayed containers are full of the active ingredients which need to be shipped to US formulation plants and converted into crop protection [ ]

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Right Now Mineral

Grass changes with the season.
Shouldn’t your mineral?
Right Now® Mineral
This program means improved weaning rates, heavier calves, and reduced feed costs. Each color-coded product is a special formula, because beef cow nutrition is not a black-and-white issue. The four formulas meet the everchanging health and breeding requirements of specific herds. We even balance our macro and trace minerals by region to supplement available forage at different times of the year. And with our color-coding, a quick glance in your mineral feeder tells you if you’re feeding the right formula. Ask your Cargill® Animal Nutrition consultant how Right Now® Mineral can help. You’ll get answers that go far beyond black and white.
Currently in Southern Iowa it is “Bronze” season.

High nutrient density to supplement mature, dormant pastures
Levels of phosphorus, copper, and most other minerals decrease in forage as it matures.
Forage intake parallels this decline. The high nutrient density of the Bronze formula
provides the [ ]

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Chemical Rebate Programs for Branded and Post Patent Chemicals

Check out our President and CEO, Joe Sinclair, talking about the latest in chemical rebate programs with our friends over at Merschman Seeds.

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NutreBeef Transition Feed

Whenever calves are subjected to stress, such as during weaning or being transported, the primary goal is to keep them healthy. Transition formula is very palatable and is designed to get cattle eating, bolstering the immune system and aiding digestive health.
Very palatable to encourage consumption
High fiber content to support digestive health
Helps bolster the immune system.

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Welcome to our blog page. It’s our New Year’s resolution to use this page to bring you timely information from our industry with a little bit of fun commentary thrown in. Our first entry is from one of our Sales Agronomists, Brogan Bulecheck. Stay tuned for new entries each week. Kris Knowles

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