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Add protection against rising input costs by adding Margin Protection coverage to your 2022 crop insurance plan.

Right now there is a lot of volatility in both the grain and input markets.  2022 corn and soybean market prices are currently at prices that allow most producers to operate at a profitable level, but rising fuel and input costs may change that picture.  A Margin Protection Plan allows you to set a 2022 price of $5.06 for corn and $12.56 for soybeans now.  Margin Protection is an area-based insurance plan that provides coverage against an unexpected decrease in operation margin caused by reduced county yields, reduced grain prices, increased prices of certain inputs, or any combination of these events.
Margin Protection Features

Coverage up to 95% of the trend-adjusted county yield and revenue.
Protection factors up to 1.2.– MP can pay up to $1.20 for every dollar of loss.
Highly subsidized to keep farmer premiums at a low level.
A premium credit is applied to MP when purchased with an underlying policy such [ ]

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Think Spring!

Only 50 days till Spring!  For everyone shoveling out or dealing with frigid temperatures, the countdown to the first day of Spring means relief is in sight. It also means that you should start thinking about crop insurance.  March 15th (sales closing) will be here before we know it!  This is the deadline to update and make any changes to your insurance program.
FSA offices have reopened.  The offices will be operating under normal business hours through February 8th and then we will have to see if they get a permanent agreement to prevent another government shutdown.. This is very important for farmers that haven’t reported their production for the market facilitation program (MFP). Originally the MFP had a January 15th deadline but has been extended until February 14th.  If you haven’t reported your production to the FSA office yet it would be a good idea to get that done soon.
New [ ]

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