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We have been hit with sub zero temps, knee deep mud and snow piled head high in the past few weeks.  We like to grumble about it but it is the livestock that is really suffering.  Momma cows with newborn calves or those getting ready to calve are battling some tough conditions.  Your cows are your Factory.  If the production line is breaking down, you don’t produce your product and you don’t have inventory to sell.  Your have to keep the Factory running.  This is a critical time for your cows nutritional needs.   Poor nutrition now leads to loss of body condition, calving difficulty, weak calves, and slow breed back.
Hay is in short supply and everyone is scrambling to stretch their forages as far as they can.  Much of the hay is lower in quality and we need to supplement this forage to meet the cows needs.  Supplementing vitamins [ ]

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